It’s a relief when you finally decide on selling your old rusty car and making some cash on it as well. The road ahead may seem like beds of roses but the thorns on them might hurt if you are not cautious of it.

Knowing exactly the step by step process can put a lot of things into perspective and give you a clear road map to get the most out of your car sale. There are some things you must do before you bring in the new proud owner of your car to get a glimpse of it.

So, to make things simple and easy for you we have brought the top 5 things you can’t afford to forget before selling your car. This will put you one step ahead of your buyer.



Getting your car inspected by professional mechanics or other auto agencies would be a smart move before going on a buyer search. It gives you an edge over bargains made by your buyer. With proper inspection, you will also get to know the health of your car and it helps you calculate an estimate for pricing.

You will also find out small repairs that wouldn’t cost you much but would play a huge role while negotiating the price.  A pre-purchase inspection will provide you with the confidence you will need in your sale. So, bring in those professionals and let them check, test and give you a thorough report of your car.



You know when it looks good, it feels good. A glossy, clean and fragrant car can make anyone buy it at very short notice. It activates buyers mind and speeds up the decision making because when they see even the small details have been taken care of, it motivates them.

Most people ignore this aspect by saying that only maintaining the mechanical parts would keep their cars in top performing condition. However, if you don’t keep track of your car’s aesthetic detailing and maintenance, it will suffer from consequences in the future which are beyond repair.

So, a regular thorough wash, waxing, and interior vacuum will keep your car evergreen and fetch you a great deal on the sale. And getting it done right before your buyer pays a visit would be even better.



Calculating that perfect rate for your car is such a confusing thing to decide upon. However, pricing can be a piece of cake when you know the exact strategies while setting the top dollar rate on your car.

First of all look for cars that have been listed online which look similar to yours and get an idea of how much you could fetch out of it.  You could also check for forums oriented around the make and model of your car as it can give you a lot of insights and also help you find buyers.

Finally, after your research is done, why not call upon professionals and let them calculate the price for you. You can even call us at where we will visit you, inspect  and offer you the best deal on your car therein.



Overselling will destroy all the efforts you made to prepare the car for sale. Being honest about the car’s features, facts, and figures would be the best way to go. When you oversell your car, it can annoy the buyer and they may feel like they are being scammed.

So, if there is any problem which you haven’t fixed, say it upfront to them because integrity goes a long way.  You will not receive any complaints and issues from the sale later on. Especially used car buyers in NJ appreciate it when car owners are honest about the cars they are about to sell.



Paperwork seems boring but it is what binds all other aspects in a sales process. Paperwork includes documents like bill of sale, receipts of car repair, title signing and completing the registration process.

First comes the bill of sale, this document will make sure the ownership of the car is completely transferred to the new owner and if that car causes trouble in the future, it won’t be your responsibility. However different states have different laws so check with your local DMV once.

Then comes the organized information about your car, the receipts of services done to the car, owner’s manual and every miscellaneous repair the car has gone through. It can not only increase the value of your car but would be a great resource for the new owner.

Finally after the payment by the buyer has been completed, Sign the back of the vehicle title and include his or her driver’s license number. Then visit the nearest MVC office to officially transfer the title and complete the registration.



Process of Closing that perfect deal is often intimidating and involves a lot of hassle. Car owners always have this question lingering in their mind that is “how do I sell my car?”. This article might have come of some help to you with that issue.

However, if you are looking to get quick cash paid upfront on your old car then hit us up at We will crush all the hassles for you and provide you with an instant offer which will be of top dollar rate prevailing in the market.

We are looking forward to giving you a visit with our experts and cut a great deal!.