With monsoon season approaching, it is time to take care of your car. There are a lot of issues that can hinder your driving experience during monsoon seasons such as water-logged roads, low visibility, high humidity, and increased bacteria. These can be a pain while driving and might affect your car in the long run. Below we have discussed five ways in which monsoon can wreak havoc on your car: 

1. Dirty Floormats

When it rains, the roads get a little cleaned up and waterlogged later, yet things truly do seem to get messy. And even the little stroll from your office to where your car is parked might catch a lot of dirt on your floor mats. To stay away from that, you can always go with washable floor mats as they are affordable and readily available we take special care of customized floor mats to fit your car perfectly.

2. Smelly Interior

During the rainy season, the humidity also increases, further leading to increased fungal & bacterial growth in the interior of your car. Also, if you are entering your car drenched in water or with wet issues then it will result in a foul smell later.

3. Visibility Issues

Driving on highways can be difficult due to the extreme visibility issues. The windshield and ORVMs both go through the visibility issues adding to the inconvenience while driving. While the ORVMs can be taken care of by our anti-fog membrane, the rain repellant wax can be used for your windshield.

4. Exposed Underbody

There can be problems with waterlogging as well. You can prevent that by getting our preventive underbody coating which will protect the essential parts and offer rust & corrosion resistance while maintaining the resale value. 

5. Electrical Malfunctions

In areas with high amounts of rain and waterlogging, your car might get partially submerged at times. So, in order to keep water out, it is advisable to keep all the wires & insulations in check to avoid short circuits and, above all, avoid any waterlogged areas if possible.


The above-discussed points were a few ways in which monsoons could affect your car and how you can avoid them. We totally agree that monsoon drives can be fun with the drizzle, but we must also care about the issues that come along with it.