Over the years auto-theft has been on a significant rise. Thieves nowadays are one step ahead of us and know numerous tricks to steal a vehicle. These savvy thieves use many things like smart keys while stealing, changing the identification numbers to avoid getting caught up, and much more. Let us take you through some easy steps that you can follow to avoid your car from being stolen in New Jersey.

Avoid Car Theft in NJ

  • Lock the doors
    It is one of the first and the foremost things required in deterring the thief i.e keeping the doors of your car locked. Before leaving your car make it a habit to always check if the doors of your car are locked.
  • Never leave a spare key near your vehicle
    It is not at all advisable to leave spare keys near, under, or in the glove box of your car just in case they get locked out. Thieves are very well aware of all such tricks and know where to check for an extra key.
  • Close the windows
    Keeping the windows of the car closed is always a good idea else on the off chance a thief simply reaches out to what he/she has been looking for or might also have full access to opening the door of the car.
  • Always park in well-lit areas
    Abstain from parking in zones that are not well-lit or places that are not quickly observed by passers-by. It is always advisable to park your car under a light and in an all-around dealt region, as thieves might be hindered in the event that they realize they can without much of a stretch be seen.
  • Install an anti-theft device or alarm
    Get installed an anti-theft device or alarm if your car did not come up with one. An anti-theft device that is visible and has an audible alarm can be very helpful in deterring the thief.
  • Install a tracking system
    This is yet another important thing if your car is not having a tracking system. Consider installing a tracking system as with its GPS Technology you can easily track down your vehicle when it is stolen.

Make sure you follow the important tips mentioned above to avoid car-theft in New Jersey.