Car Buying Precautions During COVID-19

The novel corona-virus and its associated disease COVID-19 has a tendency to spread in a contained space like a car so the danger of getting infected increases manifolds.

Normally, a steering wheel of a car might have 629 colony forming units (CFUs) of microscopic organisms contrasted with only 172 on a toilet seat. The spots in a car that are prone to multiplying of bacteria are the gear knobs, seats, the touchscreen or the route framework and switches and controls. These are some of the major breeding beds for microscopic organisms leading further to infections. It is very crucial to ensure a few important things if you are planning to buy a car during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let us have a look at a few important hygiene tips you need to consider while buying a car:

  • Properly Sanitized Car

A clean car is the most ideal and safest approach to maintain a strategic distance from the transmission of the corona-virus as it spreads even through droplets. Before buying a car from the dealer or any owner ensure that your vehicle is properly sanitized from interiors as well as exteriors.

  • Get common touch-points sanitized

Make a point to sanitize places that are being contacted most and touched by  hands frequently when in the car. Utilization of ISO-propyl alcohol on touch screen,steering wheel, gear handle, door handles, grab handles and door armrests is very much effective in sterilization. A significant number of the family unit cleaners will likewise work best on cars. You can also make use of a typical cleanser on your texture upholstery, that undeniably works really well.

  • Ensure Air Conditioner vent is cleaned

COVID-19 is definitely not air-borne disease but it spreads through droplets.The Corona-virus has a tendency to travel up-to 6 feet once an infected person sneezes or coughs and can stay in air for about 30 minutes hence it is advisable to ensure air conditioner vent cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals.

  • Ensure that you sanitize your hands before and after driving

Now,that you have purchased a car and will be driving it,make sure you have sanitized your hands before touching the steering wheel and interiors of the car.Also,after you are done with the ride,don’t forget to wash or sanitize your hands.

Ensure that you follow the above mentioned hygiene tips while buying a car during Covid-19 pandemic and enjoy a virus free and safe ride.