Car Battery Died in Cold

With winters around the corner, it is crucial that you know and learn what steps you need to follow when your car battery died in cold weather. Well, maybe the following advice comes too late for many drivers who have been adversely affected by the current cold wave.

While calling a truck is definitely an option, when the temperatures dip near or below zero you might have to wait for several hours for the technician to arrive and rescue you. Also, a quicker plan that requires some action is to try jump-starting the car, with a set of jumper cables ready at your end and a willing companion with a car that’s already up running.

Here’s how you have to do it.

  • Park the running car in close proximity to the one with the dead battery, preferably head to head, and ensure that you switch off the ignition.
  • Usually, the battery resides under a removable plastic cover and is present at one side of the engine, for some cars you may have to remove this cover to get to the terminals while in case of others they have jump-starting points.
  • After this connect the (“+”) jumper cable to the positive terminal of the battery that is in good condition and then the negative terminal of the dead battery to the negative (“-”) of food one.
  • Next, turn on the engine of the running car and run it for like 1-2 minutes as you speed up the engine to higher rpm.
  • Now, attempt to start the engine of the car with a dead battery, in the event of no response, make sure you check if the cables are attached firmly.
  • If the car still doesn’t start working, you will have to arrange for a technician or send it for service.

Make sure you follow the above-discussed steps properly to get rid of the problem (car battery died in cold) to ensure a safe and effective experience.