Car Engine Overheating What To Do

Car Engine Overheating is no less than an iconic scene from a horror movie. Always ensure that you are prepared if a disaster like this happens when you are driving your car and also keep one thing always at the top of your mind, never ever let the situation of car engine overheating linger on for long periods of time. It is very crucial to take safety precautions at the very moment without even giving it a second thought.

Let’s have a look at the signs of engine overheating and what things to do and not to do amidst such situations.

Signs of Engine Overheating

One of the many reasons why engines overheat is heat is not able to escape its environment i.e there is some problem with the cooling system. Few signs of engine overheating are:

  • Steam which is more like smoke coming from under the car’s hood.
  • Suddenly the Engine Temperature Gauge spikes to ‘H’ or Red
  • Leaking Coolant/Oil. The signs for a leaking coolant or oil are sweet smell in case of leaking coolant and burnt smell in case of leakage of oil.

Things to do when your car engine overheats

Ensure that you follow the below-mentioned tips whenever the situation of an overheating car engine crosses its path with you.

  • Turn off the Air Conditioner thereby reducing the stress on the car’s engine.
  • Find a safe and sound place nearby to pull over
  • If you have coolant (Check and add it).Only if your coolant level is low.
  • Restart the Engine. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the temperature gauge that tells the engine’s temperature.

Things not to do when your car engine overheats

Make sure that you follow the below-discussed things and ensure that you never do any such sort of a thing when your car engine overheats.

  • Don’t Keep Driving
  • No need to panic
  • Don’t let the situation pertain for long
  • Don’t open the hood immediately

Never ever panic in such situations. Only ensure that you are following the above-discussed dos and don’ts in case of car engine overheating.