So, basically, you got two options if you are thinking of selling your used car or truck which is getting rusty in your garage by now. One way of doing that could be by selling your car privately to a known individual or somebody you found online. Another way is by going to a dealer or a company and getting that cash for car deal for your used car. But if we see it practically, what do you think is the best option to sell your used car?. What we can say is that selling your car with the dealer acts as a precaution for you as you never know what kind of an individual you cut a deal with. That is why Cash for cars is trending today because everyone is getting instant cash for their used cars from these dealers. Here are some points which might convince you to sell your cars for cash instantly with cash for cars dealers or companies.


Selling your car on your own privately is not as easy as you think because you need to take out a lot of time out from your busy schedule. As it requires an extra legwork as you have to go meet the buyer, negotiate, bargain, cut a good deal and you never know what kind of an individual you might meet. They might ask you a test drive too, so if the buyers keep on rejecting then you will waste a lot of your time on that. On the other hand, if you go to a cash for cars dealer it is so fast and easy as dealers are really good at this as it is like a daily chore for them. You can expect a healthy negotiation and a good deal at the end. The best part is that all the paperwork which is a big hassle is all taken care by the dealer and that’s a great relief. So, it not only saves your time but also your money.


A private individual might bargain with you and try to negotiate the price as much as he/she can so that they win the deal. But what you want is a fair deal for your car. Trying to sell privately could be confusing because both the buyer and seller don’t know the exact value of the car. But if you go to a cash for cars dealer, they can fairly calculate the price of your used car and provide you the best deal for your car. You can expect top dollar on your car irrespective of its make, model or year of manufacture. So, selling your used car privately could turn out to be a big loss for you if you don’t get a fair amount on it.


An individual before buying a used car always makes sure that everything about the car feels right. So, if the buyer sees even a small bit of issue on the used car, they could throw a lot of tantrums or could negotiate to cut the price and even ask you for credit if they are somebody you know. But with cash for cars dealers, they organize a meeting, check the car and if they don’t find any major issues, they buy the car instantly and you get instant payment for the car on the spot. So, this acts as a great convenience for the seller as the process turns out to be so fast and easy for them.


You might have a car, truck or any kind of a vehicle that you have been wanting to sell for a long time now. Selling it privately is a good thought but your buyer might reject it looking at the condition because he won’t be able to value the price for it. But if you go to cash for cars dealer they don’t discriminate upon any car and its condition. They give you a fair price evaluation of your car according to its condition. So, it might turn out to be a great relief because you get what your car deserves to get. This gives you an assurance that you will sell your car anyways irrespective of the condition it is in now.


If you are thinking of selling your used car on your own then you must get some mandatory paperwork done. Paperwork like the maintenance records, bill of sale, release of liability and other important documents have to be assembled or prepared by you in order to sell your used car. So, this may come as a big hassle for you as you may not be having time for it. On the other hand, cash for cars dealers got you totally covered on this as you just need to submit the documents of the cars which you have and after that everything is on them. They will make all the necessary corrections and modifications on the paperwork for you and as well as give you a legitimate receipt for the sale and pay you instantly.

Since now you know all about the pros and cons of selling your used car, it’s for you to decide which options you find the most convenient for you. NJ cars is a Cash for Cars company which has been pioneering this method of selling cars for cash and has always provided a fast and easy process to our customers who want to sell their used cars. We guarantee to provide a hassle free transaction to all our customers so that selling their used car does not turn out to be a nightmare for them. We are most happy to serve you with utmost honesty and dedication.