Whenever you are buying a car in New Jersey from sellers just make sure you’ve got the title of the car registered in your name. Once the car’s title is registered then you are legally considered as the owner of the car in New Jersey. One thing is to be always kept at the top of your mind is that whenever a car is inherited, gifted, bought or sold, its ownership changes and hence the title must be transferred to new owner’s name. Let’s go through the steps to be followed when getting transferred to a car title.

If you are in contact with dealers then they will make sure that the car’s title has been registered successfully in your name or if you purchase from private sellers then you have to do the whole process on your own. You will need to make sure:

  • See to it that the seller fills the letter precisely and accurately and duly signs the back of the letter.
  • You also need to sign it and mention your driver’s license number on it.
  • Don’t forget to get a lien release from the seller.
  • Make sure to get insurance for the car.
  • Take money to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) to complete all the formalities. You will also need to pay some amount of sales tax and that might vary depending on the car.

Follow the above-mentioned simple guide on how to get a car’s title transferred in your name and get going.Make certain that you follow all the steps systematically to avoid end moment hustle and bustle.