Does your car need any repairs? The last thing that you would want is to take your car out to a dealership or a local mechanic for repairs. If you are confused between the two, then the below guide is for you. We will help you figure out what is better for you a trusted local mechanic or a dealership? It turns out, it may depend on what you’re having done. Check out our list of pros and cons for both options and then you are good to go.  


  • First and the foremost things that you need to learn is that you are certainly not under any sort of obligation to keep your warranty and that you can consider getting the repairs done from an authorized mechanic too. One thing that you need to ensure is that you keep records of each visit and follow the terms of your lease and warranty.
  • The main deal behind having the repairs done from a dealership are that the technicians work exclusively on that brand and dealerships tend to have access to more resources that are dedicated to their make/model and also receive regular training to keep up with all the updates,thereby making them experts in comparison to local mechanic who might not work on cars like yours on a regular basis.
  • Also,if your car happens to be a newer model,then it is recommended to consult  a dealership as they have proper tools to run the diagnostics on your vehicle that an independent mechanic might not have access to.
  • Also, dealerships may also offer you extended warranty through your car maker, that can be of great help if your vehicle needs further work down the road. 

Local Mechanic

  • The other option that can be considered is taking your car to a mechanic. Typically, mechanics tend to be less expensive than the dealership. However, mostly these mechanics are paid on an hourly basis, but don’t forget that they might may take longer in order to charge you more.
  • If you are keen on understanding on how your car works and what the problem is, then the better bet is to go for a smaller mechanic.

Also, wherever you decide to get your automotive work done from, ensure that you follow the schedule in your owner’s manual for getting the regular oil changes and tire rotations.