Lately car accidents have been increasing at an alarming rate worldwide. It is a calamity that posses the car owner in huge trouble.Some people have had minor accidents like just a scratch, or maybe the cars collided but didn’t hit very hard while on the contrary others might have encountered a big accident, in which the cars are not even in a condition to run on roads. After all, this has happened, one might think of getting their car repaired after they’ve met with a ferocious accident. Just give it a thought,  if you get your car repaired right after it met with an accident will that recuperate its resale value, well it might not always be the case. It will be like one in a thousand times that one might get a chance to regain what they have lost on the resale value of your car.

Damage caused to a car affects us both mentally and monetarily. At that very moment, one is busy thanking God for God has saved their lives rather than thinking about money. But after that when we are mentally stable, monetary issues definitely come up in our mind. If you suffered from a minor accident like scratches,broken headlight or any other minor problems then don’t even give it a second thought straight away give your car for repair because this is certainly not gonna take a toll on your pocket. On the other hand, if it is a case of a major accident, like engine badly affected and not in working condition and front part or rear body badly broken, just make sure before giving your car for the repair you’ve got a rough estimate of how much it would cost you and then decide if it is right to spend such a huge amount of money on repair.

Most importantly never think of selling off your car just after it has come from repair.Make sure you don’t get your car repaired if it is not in your budget or if the repairing value is the same as the car value.

Nobody would like to bare loss if they are planning to sell off their car after a huge amount of money has been spent on it for repairs. Always be careful while riding a car, because a single accident can affect both you and your car and your pockets in both cases. Try to drive safely and if on the off chance you happen to have met with an accident, get the repairs done instantly and don’t ever think of selling off the car the moment after the repairs have been done.

If you want to improve the resale value of your car just keep your car clean both internally and externally and get the small essential repairs done before selling it off.