For obvious reasons owning a classic car is entirely different from admiring it. It depends on you that you choose one from scrap and rebuild it or you get your hands on a completely restored model. But certainly, it is classic for a reason and every one of us knows that there are a lot of drawbacks to owning a classic car in New Jersey. Take a look at some of the drawbacks of owning a vintage car and then make a decision about buying it.

Con’s Of Owning A Classic Car

  • Maintenance Expenses
    The maintenance expenses of classic cars are on the higher side along with high initial purchase costs. If you are considering restoring it, then in that case sourcing parts could be a huge headache and the process might take months before the car can actually run on roads. Also, besides this, you will be needing the assistance of a specialized mechanic who will assist you in making the required repairs and changes in your vintage car from time to time. Of course, the service charges for these cars come at a comparatively higher price than modern cars.
  • Highly Unreliable
    Vintage Cars are considered to be unreliable because of the long number of manufacturing years they come with. Just like any other car, a classic car needs regular maintenance and tune-up and this works well only if proper attention is given. Besides the number of years, the vintage cars are big-time gas guzzlers, so don’t expect much in terms of fuel efficiency from it.
  • Costly Spare Parts
    The spares of vintage cars are rather expensive and in some cases, you may even have to get custom parts made specifically for your car while some of them have to be ordered from other countries and this will include paying custom duties too. Also, as these cars are made of steel, there is a huge problem of rust that comes with vintage cars in comparison to modern-day cars that are made with alloy bodies.
  • Lack of Safety
    As a matter of concern, classic cars do not comply with the safety standards as per present times. These cars come from an era that is gone by and certainly were not designed as per the roads we drive today. Also, many classic cars do not even have a seat belt and also have a weak structure, lack of crumple zones, and are not really safe for driving. It is always better to drive a modern car if you are taking a long trip or are traveling with your family.
  • Less Environment Friendly
    Vintage cars cause a lot of pollution and are less environmentally friendly. It is because of the car’s engine and the number of years that is to be blamed. Besides this, a green tax is also levied which adds to the overall cost of the car.

Above discussed are some of the drawbacks of owning a vintage car that every classic car lover must know before making the decision to buy. 

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