Electric Cars Maintenance Tips

Electric cars are an absolute pleasure to drive and have low maintenance costs. It is easier to maintain an electric car because of its simple structure and operations but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to conduct standard maintenance on electric cars. So here are some electric car maintenance tips to keep your vehicle in good working order.

5 electric cars maintenance tips

    Battery is the most expensive and crucial part of an electric car. It is important for the car owners to understand battery care. Charge the battery to about 80% as repeatedly charging the battery to full will cause it to degrade quickly. Always use a certified charger for charging and limit quick charges as it has a negative impact on the battery life.
    Electric cars use a regenerative braking system in which the kinetic energy is converted into electricity that helps to power your vehicle. However it is advisable to avoid driving at high speeds as it prevents you from slamming on the brakes and also preserve the battery and brakes of the car.

What to do when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere?

    Electric cars have a thermal management system that requires coolant. Make sure that your vehicle has enough coolant to keep everything in good working order. Keep in mind that you need to replace your car’s wiper blades about twice a year. Go through the owner’s manual and keep a tab on your car’s brake fluid and windshield wiper fluid.
    It is important to get your car serviced as often as you would a traditional vehicle and get it done from a qualified mechanic who has experience with electric motors. If you suspect any issue with your car, take it to a professional and get it examined at the very first sign of trouble.
    Another part of electric car maintenance is not to park your car in a hot spot for a long time. The thermal management system responds to the heat and keeps running in the sun so it is advisable to park your car in shade when possible.


So these are some basic electric car maintenance tips that you must follow for your car’s improved life and mileage.