Tips for Driving an Automatic Car

Are tired of keeping track of clutch and gear every now and then in a manual transmission car? Don’t worry. Automatic cars are here at your rescue and are the best choice if you do not want to focus on gear and clutch while driving a car. Ascertain to follow the essential tips mentioned below to drive an automatic car to perfection:

  • Knowledge of Gear Lever Layout

A driver needs to have complete knowledge of Gear Lever Layout. The letter ‘P’ at the lever means to park. The letter ‘R’ means to reverse. The letter ‘D’ denotes the drive which is used for forwarding the gear setting.’2’ is for second gear and one denotes first gear. In automatic transmission cars, the gear itself senses the speed and gradient of the car and adjusts itself automatically, without having the need to put the gear.

  • You can select the Park (P) feature

Always ensure that you never select the park ‘P’ feature until and unless your car is at halt completely, failing which it will damage the entire transmission of your vehicle.

  • Changing direction

Give your car complete time to change its direction. If you intend at putting the reversing the car, ensure that the car first comes at rest then only you do the needful or vice versa. If you rely on automatic transmission for this, then you will undoubtedly damage the bands and clutches.

  • Throttling on in the drive

In the event that you need your vehicle to move from a stop position, first, permit your vehicle to move with a light throttle pressure before you apply the most extreme force. Also, never reverse your vehicle in neutral before you select ‘Drive.’ You can utilize the brake and throttle all the while and discharge the brake for having a quicker beginning.

  • Kick down

While driving, on the off chance that you need to overtake another vehicle, you may require putting brisk increasing speed to your vehicle. You can choose a lower gear in the manual transmission. Yet, in an automatic vehicle, you can get his switching down of gear by an activity called kick-down. You need to press the accelerator pedal forcefully, directly down. 

This activity gives more force required to accelerate. After the requirement for power is finished, release the accelerator. Your vehicle switches the gears up, again.

  • Avoid selecting neutral at lights

In the event that you select the Neutral at the lights, the torque converter will stop the drive of the motor to the transmission. Pressurizing the moving parts will harm them to a great extent.

  • Slowing down and Stopping

Automatic gearbox responds quickly as compared to the manual gearbox. It does its work as soon as we press the brakes. The transmission does its way down, automatically, to the gears. The advantage of this feature in an automatic transmission is that you can put your attention more on safety rather than getting confused in between the gears at junctions.

  • Practice

Last, of all, it is a consistent practise that will make you an expert automatic car driver. If you are good at driving manual cars then that is definitely a big add on for you and things will be easy for you.

Make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips in order to become a good automatic car driver.