Selling an old car or truck is a real hassle for anyone. You might be confused with your car value and worried if you would get a fair deal or not. Hence, you could auction it in a market or sell it privately but do you think you will get a fair deal? Even though You might get one but it won’t be as fast and easy of a deal to make. So, what do you do to get an instant cash for cars deal for your used car?. For that, we at NJ cash cars have the best solution for you. Bring your car to us and within 15 minutes of evaluation, we can provide you a fair deal according to the condition. Most of all, we will provide you with instant cash on the spot without any further delay.

Get a quote

First of all what you need to do is get a quote to sell your car for cash. Give us a call or send us an email. Go to our website and you will easily find, how to get that quote. Once your quote reaches us, we will give you a call and fix a meeting with you and your car wherever you feel convenient. Once we see and evaluate the car, we will propose a fair deal to you. If the car doesn’t have any major issues we will cut that cash for cars deal right away and give you instant cash on the spot.

No listing fee

You don’t have to pay even a single penny to sell your used car with cash for cars NJ. You maybe be wanting to give it to the online auction or classified portals. But they will charge you a hefty amount to do that. With Cash for cars NJ, you can let us do that for you. So, You don’t even have to go through the hassle of listing your car on different online portals. You just have to give us the car and take your money home instantly.

No extra charges

Just like we said that you don’t have to pay a single penny to sell your car, we keep our word. Most of them other agents might hide some extra charges like towing charge, service charge and other miscellaneous charges. But at Cash for cars NJ, we make it clear that we don’t charge anything from you to sell your car to us. Even towing charges are free, We will come and pick up your car at any time as per your convenience. We don’t want to hide anything from our customers as we guarantee to give a fair deal to them.

Cash for cars with any condition

We at NJ cash cars give cash for cars irrespective of its make, model or year or production. We guarantee to give you a fair evaluation of your car according to its condition. You might not get a fair deal for your old rusty car if you sell it on your own. With cash for cars NJ, we do not discriminate against anyone and give a fair deal on any kind of a car you possess. So, We buy all cars, trucks or classic cars and we are licensed to buy your car in New Jersey.

Hassle free and fast deals

Finally, Once you have decided to sell your car and come to us for the help, your job is almost over right then and there. We will take over from here. We will evaluate your car, give you a fair deal, handle all the paperwork and hand you that instant cash for your car on the spot. Everything will be done on the same day you send us a quote. But if both of us agree with a deal then it’s just a matter of an hour or two. Cash for cars NJ has never failed its customers and always has guaranteed a fair deal and a hassle-free process as we respect their convenience.


So, Take your old car out of the garage now and contact us immediately. We are more than happy to buy your car and give instant cash for it. Cash for cars NJ is one of the top cash for cars dealers out there because we always make it up to our customers. We are here to solve all your car selling problems and issues as you might have kept it because of its condition or year of production. Therefore, Get top dollar on that unwanted car you have and Get cash for cars on the spot.