Procedure to Clean Car’s Aluminum Wheels

Aluminum wheels are the most common type of wheels as they tend to be more durable and longer-lasting. Frequently cleaning the car’s aluminum wheels is very important to avoid the corrosion caused by dirt or brake dust. Follow the given step-by-step guide to clean your car’s  aluminum wheels.

Best Way to Clean Car’s Aluminum Wheels

  • STEP-1
    The first step is to rinse your wheels to remove loose dirt. After that spray the alloy wheel cleaner on all four wheels and apply a good amount of solution around areas where buildup is heaviest. Make sure to use a cleaner designed specifically for alloy wheels as using a standard cleaner can damage them.
  • STEP-2
    After applying the cleaner, let it sit for at least 2 to 3 minutes as this will help in removing the build-up dirt. You can spray the cleaner on all the wheels at once to make efficient use of your time.
  • STEP-3
    Use a soft-bristled detailing brush and scrub the wheels with it in a circular option. This will help in removing the remaining dirt. Don’t forget to clean your brush with warm water whenever you notice it getting dirty. You can also use an old toothbrush if you don’t find any detailing brush.
  • STEP-4
    Rinse the wheels thoroughly with a hose and after that wipe the wheels with a dry microfiber cloth as it is soft and more observant. This will prevent any streaks or water spots from forming on your clean wheels.
  • STEP-5
    The last step is to protect your clean wheels with a sealant. Apply the sealant on the wheels using a detailing pad and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. This will also help in giving the wheels a lustrous look. Buff the wheels with a microfiber cloth to remove excess sealant.

You should wash your wheels every time you wash your car and deep clean them once every other month. Follow the above steps to clean your car’s aluminum wheels and hit the road in style.

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