How to identify your old car is ready to be sold

Maintenance and servicing of your car on a regular basis is crucial for a safe and comfortable ride on your vehicle. Car owners can face a lot of challenges even when they have put on so much of efforts into their cars. Sometimes this leads to greater complications and their cars just stop working and become useless.

Some common problems which make the car unusable are easy to fix but some are not worth repairing because it only increases your expenses on the car. It sometimes becomes a hefty liability on car owners. It’s better left unrepaired and you should know the signs when your car becomes irreparable, which we are going to talk about in the article later.

So, if you encounter the following issues in your car all at the same time or even one at a time you should consider getting rid of that car because it could cost you much more than what you paid for it initially. As most recommend, even we advise you to look out for Auto Wreckers near you and simply junk your old car. But if you live in New Jersey or anywhere near, you can go for We are the #1 Car buyers in NJ and we assure you Top Dollar rate on your car with impeccable hassle-free service.

Take notes of the following signs and act fast as your car could cost you a fortune:

1. Ear Breaking Noise:

While shifting the gear of your vehicles, if you get to hear some strange and extreme noise coming out of your vehicle then that could be a big problem. This usually indicates that it may be having some severe issue in its transmission. The problem could be due to the reduction in levels. If this issue is recurring and is accompanied by multiple other issues then repairing it would be a bad choice to make because even experts won’t recommend that. Rather get amazing cash for car offers on your old car with

2. Problems in Transmission

Like we said previously if there is an issue in the transmissions of the car that is a very bad sign that your car is at the last stage now. Problems in transmissions commonly occur in old automatic automobiles. These problems occur when the automobiles have come to the last stage of their useful life. Proper Maintenance of the car plays a major role if you want to avoid transmission leaks in your vehicle. You can do one thing though, Check if the transmissions level is low or not with a dipstick. But it won’t repair or be much of help by then. Instead, find used car buyers around your town and get rid of the liability but if it seems like a hassle then get quick cash for cars at Now.

3. Rust that just won’t go:

Rust presence on the vehicle’s structure or frame will have an adverse effect on the overall body of the vehicle. It spreads like wildfire if it catches up on the vehicle as it corrodes the vehicle badly from inside out. Experts say that repairing rust presence in old automobiles is the most difficult thing and is impossible sometimes. You can repair it but the expense is on you to decide if you want to spend that big of an amount.

So, if you observe the worsening effect of rust on your vehicle’s body or engine don’t consider to repair it rather bring that car to us at We buy cars from total junks to classic luxurious cars and quote a reasonable price according to its condition.

4. Body and Frame Damage:

A vehicle frame, also known as its chassis, is the main supporting structure of a motor vehicle, to which all other components are attached just like the skeleton of an organism. Any damage to the vehicle’s body and its frame due to aging can cost you big cash on those repairs. We advise you to get rid of the car when its frame appears junky or it deteriorates in quality. Used car buyers in NJ are really hard to find these days but at, you don’t have to search for buyers. You only get instant cash for your cars here.

5. Blown Head Gasket:

The proper function of the head gasket in your car is very much essential in maintaining the efficiency of your engine. To avoid getting your head gasket blown you must keep track of the car’s coolant fluids. If these fluids are turning dirty or brown then there may lie a major issue with the engine of the vehicle. This is repairable if you found out initially and do something about it but if you ignore and use that vehicle then that could cause a huge problem and the head gasket gets blown. Once this happens it is better to let go of the car because it will only bring more expenses to your bills. But you may ask, “who will buy my car?.” That’s where we come in and provide you a hassle free way of selling your car instantly.

6. Major Issues with Brakes:

If your car is of a new model then you could replace your brakes if it brings up any issues but on old automobiles, it is better advised to sell it for cash. Before you make a decision on repairing the brakes in an old car, do consider that your car may have other issues because of aging. So, straight up repairing that old outdated machine wouldn’t be a wise choice though. Why not get an instant quote on your old car and quick cash for cars on the spot with Get a free quote Now.


A wise man said, “Every burden is not a blessing”, You never know when an asset will turn into a recurring liability. So, read those signs properly and take action promptly. Don’t lose out your money on expenses that really don’t matter the most in the current scenario. Take bold decisions and always go for expert advice before you decide on selling your old and unwanted car. Don’t worry about listing your vehicle on multiple websites and going through tiring paperwork. Leave that mundane work on us and be free of all worries. has you covered.