Being professional car buyers, we see hundreds of cars each week and thousands over the course of a year. We see big cars, little cars, new cars, old cars, shiny cars and more! You might say we’ve seen them all! Based on our experience some would call us experts at the car buying process. Examining and pricing are all things we handle on a daily basis.

Naturally, we also get asked many questions too. Some questions are easy to answer while others aren’t as straightforward. However, the one that comes up the most, and one which we think might be the most important for our customers is, “How do I maintain my car’s value?”

It’s true that as soon as you leave the dealer’s lot your car starts to depreciate in value but with proper care, you can make sure it fetched as much money as possible when the time comes to sell your vehicle. Below are 5 easy steps which will help you to maintain your car value:

Avoid dent and scrapes:

One of the most common issues is scratches and dents on the exteriors, especially around the door and back bumper. These dents happen when opening car doors or accidentally backing-up too far. The problem is they are easy to get and expensive to repair.

Keep your service record:

Have your vehicle serviced on a regular basis and keep all records of maintenance and repair. Not only will routine car care help you avoid costly and unnecessary repairs, it also demonstrates to a potential buyer that you cared for and maintained the car properly and regularly during the time you owned the vehicle. Some prospective buyers might be willing to pay more for a car that’s been routinely serviced.

Keep the interior clean:

Keep your car clean. Have it detailed on a regular basis – inside and out – and be sure to use a coat of wax to protect your vehicle’s paint surface from nature’s elements. Cleaning your car frequently will help maintain its value over time.

Keep wheels off the curb:

Alloy wheels can easily be scratched and dented on curbs. Whether you’re parallel parking or just pulling off to the side of the road for a moment, making sure to avoid curbs and other things will keep your car’s appearance looking spotless.

Be aware of fading:

Rust is the enemy. If you live in a cold climate with harsh winters, be sure to wash your vehicle often to remove salt deposits that can eventually lead to rust and whenever possible, have your car undercoated to avoid salt deposits from building up on the frame and the underside of the quarter panels and fenders.