Duct tapes are made of strong adhesives and when used on vehicles they tend to leave a sticky and ugly residue on the surface. So, this might have kept you wondering how to remove duct tape residue while keeping the paint clean and undamaged. Below discussed are 6 easy ways in which you can remove duct tape glue from a vehicle while keeping the car paint intact.  

1. Soak the affected part with water

This is certainly one of the easiest methods how to remove duct tape residue from a car as it doesn’t damage the paint too. Begin by finding a rag or some cloth and soak in some water, preferably warm water. Then hold the washrag over the surface for 15 minutes. By doing so you are softening the residue and making it easy to clean off. Once you are through with this, get a soft cloth and gently wipe it off.

2. Clean residue by using a solvent

The next method for the same is using a solvent. You can find it from an automobile store, auto department, and gas station. Make sure that the solvent used is for auto body cleaning. Apply it on the surface using a soft piece of cloth. This will make the residue easier to clean by softening it. 

3. Scrape the residue with a card

Make sure that you are not harming the paint of your car while scraping the residue using a card. You can consider applying some degreaser while dealing with stubborn residue. 

4. Remove residue with alcoholic liquid

Another way in which you can remove duct tape glue from your vehicle is by using alcohol. To do this you will need a soft piece of cloth, then gently clean the surface with it. The alcohol will help remove the residue. 

5. Remove residue with heat

You can also use warm water or a heating machine to get rid of the residue. As hot air will weaken the glue and soften the residue. 

6. Use a polish remover for nails

Nail Polish remover can also be used to get rid of the residue from glass and not from the body.

Removing duct tape residue from the vehicle can be challenging. But with the help of the guide above you can get rid of the stains easily.