How to sell your old car by yourself?

Want to sell your old car yourself and get the most from it? Don’t worry, We’ve got you covered. We have a solution to all your problems. Consider the following points while selling your car yourself.

  • Attractive Ads

The only way to make your ad attractive is good photographs. Take the photographs of your car from various angles, photograph it in perfect lighting and describe all the details of your car in a presentable way. Not just the basic information, you need to also add some additional information that would make your car stand out from others and will compel the customer to send you a query.

  • Test Drives

Customers are definitely going to be attracted to your car if you arrange a test drive. This will help them to get sure whether or not to buy a car. Arrange it at a safer place where you can explain all the features of your used car and can talk about the particular price which would be agreed by both the parties.

  • Complete paperwork

The first thing the buyer is going to check while buying an old car from you is that your paperwork is complete or not. Paperwork of car should include every single detail of the car starting from the date on which the car was purchased to the present day including model, how much kilometers does it cover in an hour, its features, and all the necessary documents related to the car.

  • Advertise your car online

Advertising your car online will save your time and effort. All you need to do is set a particular price of your old car by obviously studying the market rate of your old car and putting it online. If a buyer’s needs match to that of your car he can directly contact you and talk about the further process

  • Take it to a car wash

The first impression is the last impression so before a buyer comes to see your car, give it a nice wash and make it look like a new car. Change the oil and air filter. If something is leaking or squeaking, fix it before the buyer comes and complains about it. 

Once you keep all these points in mind while selling a car, you need to only advertise it and wait for the buyers to contact you.