The AC compressor is a durable material and is expected to last between 12 to 15 years which is actually a good amount of time when it comes to car repairs. However, this fact does not guarantee that you won’t ever have to deal with AC compressor complications prematurely, which is why you have to keep an eye for any symptoms that might help you detect any problems at an early stage.  

Symptoms of a bad AC compressor

The AC compressor might go bad before the expected lifespan and this suggests that you need to maintain the AC Compressor to avoid any complications. Below we have put up a list on “How to tell if your car has a bad AC compressor?” 

  • Increased cabin temperature

This is one of the first and most common symptoms that will help you confirm an issue with the AC compressor. In this situation, the cabin turns out to be very hot and the AC doesn’t work properly. The three main issues could be a low coolant level, coolant leak, and a bad compressor. 

  • Weird loud compressor noises

Don’t ignore these noises. For example, if you’ve ever turned on the heating, air conditioning, or ventilation, you’ll notice this noise getting louder or kicking off. This is a sign of a bad AC compressor. 

  • Moisture leakage

A coolant leak is yet another indicator that the compressor is not working properly. Coolant leaks can happen due to various other issues, but one of them could be a bad AC compressor. Therefore, it is recommended to keep an eye on your vehicle and check for any signs of puddles or fluids underneath the car.

  • Issues with the compressor clutch

Over time, the compressor clutch might get damaged, and that could be another symptom indicating that the AC compressor is about to fail or it already failed.

  • Problems with the circuit breaker

A bad compressor might also cause continuous breakage in your circuit.

  • Damage is in the suction line

A bad AC compressor might also damage the suction line where the coolant runs which in turn can lead to complications such as allowing air to flow inside the cooling system, which is a horrible problem that can easily lead to significant damage. 

  • Troubles in the wires

Finally, when the AC compressor goes bad, it can also damage the wire connections, and unfortunately, that is something that you can check on your own because there are chances of hazardous risks. 


AC compressor is a significant component in your vehicle and without a good running AC compressor, you can come across significant complications that could damage your engine. Therefore make sure that you monitor all the above-discussed symptoms whenever you sense a bad AC Compressor.