Nowadays, people are willing to sell their used car for cash, as they find it as a bracing opportunity. As getting cash for their used car is something from which anybody can get a benefit. As we all know that going car-less and selling the used car for cash is the most prominent worthy logic.

So, anyone who has ever owned a car or has ever sold his car for cash needs to get a copy of your title. Unfortunately, many of us have a perception that asking for the copy of car title would be overcharged.

Indeed, we at provides services to make the selling of your vehicle as convenient as possible and all you have to do to sell a car to us have a signed title. As we all know that a car title is a proof of ownership and no one should ever look in any other way for such an important transaction.

We always recommend that if anyone tries to buy your car and they say that they want a car title then you should not sell your car to them and start looking for someone else or a renowned cash for a car buyer to buy your car with its title.

Unfortunately, people when people are ready to sell their car for cash they sometimes miss the slip of their car title. Having the slip of the car title can give a boost to the prize. Moreover, by signing the title of your car frees you from any other future claims, parking tickets or storage fees connected to your car.

We at would also like to give a brief detail about what actually the title signifies and all other information about the car title certification according to your state.

Car Title:

The certification of the car title is a legal document given by the state to certify vehicle’s ownership that also indicates the lienholder that financed the purchase of the vehicle. Each state of United Stated owns its own car titles and these titles may contain different designs and security features to deter all the information available to the naked eye. Well, all titles share most common and basic information to convey the ownership of the car.

The information can vary from car owner’s name, car information etc.

A New Jersey Certificate of Car title contains the following information:

  • Tittle number
  • Date of insurance
  • Date of purchase
  • Model year
  • The Application for certification of ownership (Form OS/SS-7).
  • The $60 Title transfer fee
  • Vehicle Identification Number(VIN)
  • Fill out the back of title with your signatures and buyer’s name and address

You have to also complete a sales tax stamp at the MVC office of New Jersey.
Moreover, you are not required to pay the NJ sales if:

  • You have originally bought you car outside New Jersey.
  • Or you were a resident of some other state when you bought your car.