5 Mistakes we make when selling off cars for cash in NJ

Selling off your cars for cash in New Jersey is a good decision as in this scenario you do not have to give money to dealers involved in selling and buying of cars and hence this helps you in earning more money. But at times we tend to make some very common mistakes while selling cars for cash. To list a few mistakes like:

  • You may encounter non-serious buyers who would end up wasting a lot of your time.
  • You might fall prey to scams and fraud claims.
  • At times strangers can be a danger for you. So, make sure you avoid selling your car privately. One must avoid the hassle and stress of selling a car privately.
  • Not receiving the payment on the day assured by the seller.
  • Not signing properly detailed agreements before selling off your car and later stuck in issues like not receiving payment on time, car title transfer, etc.

To avoid the above-discussed mistakes, so that we can proceed with hassle-free selling of cars follow below-mentioned measures:

  • Once you’ve happened to find a potential buyer for your car, enquire him about his name and address and if in turn he/she doesn’t even have a look at the vehicle and propose a quote to you, then that might be a non-serious buyer.
  • If you are giving a test drive to any stranger, then make sure you have a photocopy of stranger’s driving license. Make sure that the test drive doesn’t exceed 15 minutes.
  • Don’t get influenced by the buyer’s ease of payment method and make sure you opt for a safe payment method for you. Do what you feel is good for you, so that you don’t get trapped. 
  • Post selling your car, there is a possibility that the buyer accuses you of fraud claims. In this situation, the best way out is, to tell the truth. Keep things crystal clear between you and the buyer and let him know the complete history of the car.

To avoid any problems while selling off cars for cash in New Jersey make certain that you follow the above-mentioned measures properly and never commit the mistakes discussed above.