It is bound to happen that you face certain problems with the vehicle when driving on the road. To ensure that the problem is not worsened, below we present to you some of the most common vehicle repairs that you get done to ensure a smooth ride when driving a car in New Jersey. 

8 Common Vehicle Repairs

1. Oxygen sensor replacement

The oxygen sensor in a car is responsible for determining how much oxygen is not burnt and is escaping through the exhaust emission. So, understanding the level of oxygen in the exhaust helps the computer in the car to understand whether the combustion process has been completed or not. Also, it is responsible for triggering some other information about whether there is something wrong going on in the combustion process or not.

2. Catalytic converter replacement

The Catalytic converter in your car is responsible for ensuring that the emissions coming out of the combustion process are good enough to escape into the atmosphere without harming the environment. In the event that your catalytic converter fails, your vehicle will not pass the emission test, thereby requiring a significant repair cost. But the best news is catalytic converter is a durable component that lasts up to 10 years in most cars. However, that might not be the case, depending on your vehicle’s type and the converter quality. 

3. Ignition coil replacement

This is a minor component inside the combustion system that is responsible for communicating with the spark plug and letting it know that it’s time to fire. When the ignition coil fails to work, you will not have a working car because the engine will not generate any energy.

4. Fuel cap tightening or replacement

A loose fuel cap might be a source of many problems in your car. It’s very common for your vehicle’s computer to complain about a loose fuel cap and all that it takes to resolve this is to tighten it up. However, if the fuel cap is broken, you have to replace it to get rid of this error in your vehicle’s computer.

5. Thermostat replacement

The thermostat is responsible for letting your coolant run when the engine temperature exceeds a certain threshold. Also, it is very common for the thermostat to go bad as it could either get stuck closed or stop opening when it goes bad. 

6. Spark plug replacement

The spark plug is an essential component in the vehicle’s combustion system and is responsible for providing that required spark to ignite the air and fuel mixture. If the spark plug is not working properly the vehicle won’t burn the air-fuel mixture, and therefore, the engine will not generate any energy.

7. Airflow sensor replacement

It is yet another component that might go bad and is responsible for monitoring how much oxygen is getting inside the combustion system. When the sensor isn’t working properly, your computer will not understand what enough air inside the combustion system is.

8. Spark plugs replacements

At times your spark plugs might not be in a good condition and this may be because of the problems with the connections and the wiring around the spark plug, which means no spark is going to be transferred into the combustion system where the air-fuel mixture gets burnt pure.


Dealing with car problems is a very common situation and you can certainly not escape that. You have to get these issues resolved at some point in your vehicle’s lifespan. Understanding what to expect next helps you become prepared and understand what to plan for in terms of repair costs.