New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) offers a whole lot of services Online to help their customers save time. Also, MVC has waived most of the online convenience fees but they still apply to IRP & IFTA transactions.

As a driver, MVC helps you schedule a Road Test, Change your Address and Pay your restoration fee or surcharge. It even helps you obtain documents relating to your driving history record.

Over the time MVC has added more services on their portal for the convenience of their customers.

  • Scheduling an appointment for Vehicle Inspection at selected State Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers.
  • Finding Emission Repair Facility (ERF) which is a privately owned facility, certified to repair emission-related failures.
  • Private Inspection Facility (PIF) is also available, to perform inspections for a fee.
  • Finding State-operated Inspection Stations, located throughout New Jersey with no additional charges to perform inspections beyond the annual registration fee.
  • Renewal of Vehicle registration.
  • You can order personalized plates, sports plates or dedicated plates.

MVC also enables you to view the Inspection results and check inspection wait queues for each facility online. This saves your time as you don’t have to wait in queues for your turn.

You can even pay fees and fines online as New Jersey courts enables you to pay the parking/traffic ticket online. You will need parking/traffic ticket number and License plate number for the same. Also, a convenience fee is applicable to pay such fee and fines online. It also enables you to access your ticket information in case you don’t know your ticket number. You can perform case search over Municipal Court Case Search Website.

MVC has made everything simplified and hassle free but what if you find problems in using this portal? We, at NJcashcars, have professionals who can help you provide guidance and complete every process easily. We are a reliable source when it comes to dealing with your cars.