Tips for Night Driving in New Jersey

Driving at night is riskier than driving in day time but the need to travel doesn’t stop. Road fatalities triple during the night that’s why it becomes very important for drivers to exercise extreme caution while driving on New Jersey roads at night. Here are the do’s and don’ts of night driving in New Jersey.


  • Make sure your car headlights are clean and do not forget to turn on the headlights while traveling at night or when using your windshield wipers.
  • It is highly recommended to dim the dashboard while going at night as the lights can be really distracting when it’s dark outside.
  • Your vision shouldn’t be affected by glare from other vehicle’s headlights. so properly clean your car’s windshield before hitting the road at night.
  • Get an eye exam done if you struggle to see at night and make sure that you have glasses if you need them.
  • Patience is the key while driving. Consider slowing down your car when you find your visibility reduced.
  • Clean and adjust your car’s exterior mirrors as dirty mirrors reflect the lights from cars behind you.


  • Do not stare at oncoming headlights. If you look directly at the oncoming lights, you might find yourself struggling to see the road.
  • Do not doze off while driving. If you feel sleepy, make arrangements for someone else to drive or find somewhere to rest.
  • Do not overdrive your car’s headlights as it is difficult to see what’s ahead on the road at night.
  • Maintain distance and do not follow another vehicle too closely as the closer your headlights, the brighter they can seem and can be very distracting for the driver.

You shouldn’t be afraid of driving at night but you should stay alert to prevent any mishappenings. Keep in mind the above-given do’s and don’ts of night driving in New Jersey and stay safe while driving.

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