Get cash in hand by selling your unwanted vehicle as you get rid of the unsightly mass forever with absolutely no effort at all. Besides getting cash for your unwanted car there are many other reasons to sell a car that has seen better days.

1. Injury Traps

A junk car becomes a safety hazard and dangerous thereby causing a lot of injuries if it has not been operable for a long time. Oil, gas, and other vehicle fluids can also pose a risk to humans, animals and the environment.

2. Attracts Critters and Bugs

Your junk car is a playland for all kinds of rodents and insects where they will set up shop and make it a home. From bees, spiders, racoons to skunks, a junk car becomes an empty shelter for all the bugs and critters.

3. Takes Up Space

Your junk car is going to take up space that can be used for other (running) vehicles, and other items. Also, even looking at an empty space is much more satisfying than a car sitting in inoperable condition.

4. Reduces Property Value

Besides the above factors, a junk car standing in your garage also reduces the property value of your car. The resale value of your home gets affected if your car sits longer on your driveway or yard.

5. Cash In Hand

The best reason why you should sell your junk car is that you get quick cash for your car in hand. Within hours or days, you will have money in your hand and have one less thing to worry about.

NJCashforCars is the solution you need to get rid of your junk or used cars. We take the stress out of selling your used car for quick cash whether the car runs or not and regardless of its condition.