Safety while driving around your vehicle must be of your first priority in any circumstance of situations. Abiding by the rules of the road, keeping a check on the speed limit and being conscious about the road while you are driving is of extreme importance for the safety of yourself and others too. Even though, you are an experienced driver it doesn’t immune you from getting into accidents.

So, to stay in the safer side of everything you will also need to drive a vehicle which will assure your safety and comfort during those extreme situations. In such instances, a young and strong performing car can avoid dangerous situations and save many lives.

In spite of the fact that there have been major technological advancements in the ¬†Automotive industry in the US, our roads have yet to become safer and secure to drive on. In recent times the number of Junk Cars or Clunkers have increased exponentially and we feel it’s an alarming situation for our roads.

These junk cars are not only giving a hard time to the passerby but is also having a degrading effect on the environment. With loud noises and heavy smokes coming out of these old, poorly maintained and rusty machines, its is creating a menace around our cities.

Do you know that the average lifespan of a car in the US is just 12 years?. If you do then you know that our roads are full of such old and junk cars. We can understand that everyone would not be able to afford brand new cars every now and then but the dangers of driving a junk car can cost you more than with which you can afford a brand new one.

So, get rid of that junk and rather get cash for your cars from us at and Here are some reasons why you should.

1.Lack of Passive Safety:

Innovation and technology today is at its peak and the automotive industry also has been touched by this revolution. With high tech passive safety systems like airbags, sensors and AI incorporated in cars today, it has never been this safer to drive on our roads. Although, cars from back in the days were not equipped with this level of security and safety into their systems. Especially those old pickup trucks and previous generation cars are really not recommended while our roads are getting newer and advanced machines every day.

So, it’s best if you could get rid of the junk car and get a new model which fits your budget. And if you are looking for instant cash for car deal then come to us at and get top dollar rate on your cars with hassle-free service.

2.Fire that could kill you:

As cars get old and go through a lot of wear and tear, its old wiring and deteriorating fuel lines can bring dangerous situations during your ride. Due to the aging of cars, Fuel leaks from ruptured fuel lines also can rapidly ignite, especially in petrol-fuelled cars where sparks are possible in the engine compartment. Even if you change the fuel lines for your car it still doesn’t guarantee you safety because old wiring could cause a short circuit and also because the machine is old now. So, getting rid of such risky cars would be of your best interest.

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3.Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:

Every year more than 400 people die due to this poisonous gas which should be of your utmost concern if you own a car. Also, known as the silent killer, this poisonous gas is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-irritating fatal gas which you should know about. This gas normally leaks from the exhaust system of your cars when your car is burning the petroleum to move the machine. Most junk cars have a rusted exhaust system or the engine may not be properly tuned and if there is any leakage in these systems then this gas can silently enter into the interiors of your car. This can lead to severe complications for passengers and even can lead to death.

So, if you want the safety of yourself and your loved ones then you must consider this problem and get rid of that junk car which could cost you your life. Don’t even sell it to used car buyers, rather find a good deal with an auto wrecker company. In we guarantee you instant cash for your car with hassle free process.

4.Poor Braking Systems:

A strong and prompt braking system is essential for a safe and comfortable ride in your vehicle. It gives you that confidence while you are driving on the road. Old cars due to their inferior braking systems tend to have weak stopping power. In New Jersey especially it becomes really important for cars to have strong braking systems during winters as it becomes really hard to see the roads sometimes. Even if your old car is well maintained, it doesn’t guarantee you that its braking system will turn back against you in crisis. We advise you not to bring such cars into the modern traffic of today.

5.Risk of getting stranded:

You know what it feels like getting stranded in the middle of your commute if you own an old junky car. It sometimes brings an immense amount of frustration to people when they need their car dies on them when they need it the most. They stand by the car and try to ask help or find a tow truck to get your vehicle fixed. But is it worth it though?.

Also, when you and your car is stranded abruptly in the middle of the road, there are high chances of getting hit by the cars coming from back at a high speed. This is one of the most fatal situations of a road accident that happen every year due to junk cars. So, why not get rid of this car?. We at Njcashcars want to help you on this and provide instant cash for your junk car.

6.Excessive Emissions:

If you are a responsible citizen of this world you will not only consider your safety but also the safety of our environment. Every day the dangers of carbon and other harmful gas emissions are destroying the air where we breathe and survive ultimately. Pollution levels in the US are at its peak and its an alarming situation for our future generations. Cars which have become old are one of the main reasons for pollution because you must have seen the kind of noise and thick black smokes coming out of these rusty old cars. These gases go up to the air and we breathe it ultimately. So, it is not only important for the conservation of our planet but also for our health in the long term.


The decision of getting a new car or repairing that same old car and using it year and year out is all on you as the government is yet to make amendments for such situations. So, it won’t be of any harm if we could all be a little more responsible for the safety of ourselves and other commuters on the road. If you take an initiative to make our roads safer then that could forward inspire change in others as well. As it is not the strong or intellectual that will survive but the people who change and adapt to their environment.

Why not get an instant quote for your junk car today and take a pledge for safer roads?