Guide to Reduce Risk While Driving Car in Fog

Driving in different climatic conditions comes up with difficulties for both the driver as well as the vehicle. Studies show that driving during winter is comparatively troublesome than some other seasons, particularly when the climate gets extreme as a result of Fog/Mist. Fog can make dangerous driving conditions by extensively decreasing the visibility up to 400 meters. Driving in such adverse weather conditions requires each one of us to be more careful than ever. Follow the tips mentioned below that will guarantee safety while going in fog and will also reduce the risk while driving a car in the fog.

  • Be updated with regular weather conditions
    Ensure that you are well updated with all the weather updates of your local area on a daily basis and also the areas where fog tends to accumulate. You can avoid traveling during the morning and evening as the fog levels are higher at such times.
  • Maintain appropriate distance between vehicles
    This is one of the most important measures that you need to take to safeguard yourselves i.e maintain an appropriate distance between the vehicles when on road. Take a stop at a safe distance from another vehicle for a safer ride.
  • Check on all the lights
    Driving during foggy weather conditions can be cumbersome at times, so it is essential to check the taillights and headlights both before hitting the roads in fog.
  • Use fog lights
    Fog lights are truly a blessing during adverse weather conditions. It is best to use them as they provide great visibility owing to the low mounting point.
  • Drive at low beams
    Maintain an appropriate distance from the use of high beam light as they will be reflected back by overwhelming fog. Utilizing a low beam will demonstrate profoundly gainful most definitely and in guaranteeing that there is no white wall impact.
  • Follow the edge of the road
    The best practice amidst foggy weather conditions is to follow an edge of the road as they will help you guide with the upcoming turns and curves.
  • Use Hazard Lights
    Utilize the hazard lights at whatever point you pull over and leave your vehicle securely on one roadside. Try not to utilize danger notice while driving as it makes pointless disarray among different drivers with respect to your aims.
  • Drive Slow and Don’t get distracted
    Be attentive while driving. It is advisable to drive slow and not get distracted by any unwanted distractions on the road.