Remove oxidation with an exterior car detailing

All cars have a natural glossy shine when new. However, as time passes by, you may notice that the paint starts to fade or might also develop a cloudy appearance. This happens due to oxidation. No need to panic as it is possible to remove car paint oxidation in almost all cases from its exterior car detailing.

What Is Car Paint Oxidation?

Car Paint Oxidation occurs when a car’s paint is constantly exposed to oxygen and that further causes the molecules in the paint to disintegrate. Visibly, the paint begins to look duller and also in worse cases the paint’s surface tends to develop a chalky appearance.

Well, evidently the consequences aren’t just beautiful though. But, certainly, this problem can be treated. Because if the car exterior paint oxidation is not treated then it can eventually eat away the car paint’s outer clear coating leaving the paint to dissolve completely and the metal frame exposed to rust. Further, the rust weakens the metal frame on a structural level. Once this happens, you are certainly be needing an auto repaint job.

How to Remove Car Paint Oxidation?

  • Move your car to a shaded area
  • Now wash the car thoroughly to remove surface dirt and debris.
  • Next, apply an oxidation remover.
  • Wait till the signs of oxidation are gone or minimized,
  • Apply a coat of wax after that.
  • Next, polish the headlights too as the covering can also become oxidized.

Also, paint oxidation can’t be removed completely but you can take all the necessary precautions beforehand in order to slow down the process or maybe even prevent it from happening in the first place. You can opt to wax the car once a month, this will help keep a barrier between the paint and the oxygen in the air. Also, if possible, you can keep your car parked inside the garage or if you are parking in the driveway, use a car cover in order to prevent the exterior of the car from getting oxidized.

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