How To Quickly Remove Tree Sap From Car?

Tree sap on your car’s window or paint can look very tacky. The sap will not instantly damage the car’s paint but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored as it will certainly cause paint damage if left untreated for a long period of time. Here are a few steps that you should follow to remove tree sap from your car.

Steps to Remove Tree Sap from Car

  • Step 1- Rinse/Wash your car
    Before using any product for removing the sap, it is better to give your car a good wash. Make sure to use the warm soapy water so that it can break the sap down and make it easier to remove.
  • Step 2- Use a product to remove the sap
    You can use the product specially formulated to remove the tree sap or you can make use of some products lying around your house like hand sanitizer or nail polish remover. Firstly put the formula on a clean cloth and place the cloth on the sap for about thirty seconds. The sap will begin to break down.After that rub the cloth in a circular motion until the sap is gone.
  • Step 3- Rinse well
    Rinse the car well with water after the sap is removed. You can also wash it again with soap to make sure that there is no residue left before you continue to the final step.
  • Step 4- Wax
    Many cars have a coating of wax and removing the tree sap can leave the particular spot dull. So, to regain its luster apply car wax and you are good to go. If you got tree sap on your car’s windshield or windows, avoid this step. Use a glass cleaning product at the end rather than quick wax.

Tree sap is very sticky and it is advisable to remove it as early as possible because with time it will turn black and won’t be removed easily. Follow the above-given steps to remove the tree sap from your car and keep it looking great.

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