So now that you’ve bought a new car, but haven’t yet decided on selling your old car, and so on you might not even have an idea of where to start but definitely procrastinating can be disastrous for your older car, and even a liability to you. Therefore, ṣit is recommended to take good care of your car, take a look at the top problems that might occur when you let your car sit for long periods of time.


Unregistered vehicles might spell big-time problems and even bigger fines when left alone to stand on the streets. 


If a vehicle is left unused for longer periods of time, this leads to problems with the battery and in certain cases, it might kill the battery too. If your car is old, and the battery in it is also old, then the chances of the battery dying doubles up. It is recommended to  disconnect the battery completely before letting a car sit idle or connecting it to a battery tender to charge


Ensure that you drain fluids out of your car before keeping your car from moving for long periods of time and remember to replace them before you move the car.

Tires need to be taken care of as these are the only part that actually touches the ground and over extended periods of time, might lead to flat, deflated, rotten, and warped tires. 


Fuel Pumps are another thing to quickly break down in a car that is just sitting around and can cause the car not to start, in the event it is faulty. 


Brakes and rotors have the tendency to rust and go bad after a certain amount of time of inactivity. Also, it is very dangerous to jump-start the battery on a car that has been sitting and taking it for a test drive.

The above discussed are some of the common risks that you might experience if your car is left unused for a long time.