Driving safe is one of the most crucial aspects that a driver has to keep in my mind whenever they step out in their car. With congesting roadways all around its very essential to assure the safety of our young drivers while they are commuting. Minimize the risk of any mishappenings with your young drivers and learn these few important tips and inculcate them in the minds of young drivers.

9 Safety Tips to teach young driver:

  1. Aware of your surroundings
    To assure that you are out of danger while driving a car on the road, you have to have a good situational awareness which means be aware of what is happening in your surroundings. Stay focussed as distractions are one of the major causes of accidents these days.
  2. Maintain Speed and Distance
    Obey speed limit as per the weather conditions and road requirements on which you are driving your car and maintain a proper distance from the vehicle ahead of you.
  3. Don’t forget to Buckle up
    Never forget to fasten your seat belt. It doubles up your chances of survival in the case of a serious road accident.
  4. Proper Steering Position
    For ideal control, your hands should either be in a 3 o’clock position or 9 o’clock position at the steering wheel.
  5. Appropriate Tire pressure
    It is very important to check the pressure of all four tires once a month. As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 33,000 injuries and 700 deaths occur every year due to underinflated tires.
  6. Safety Equipment
    It is very important to ensure that without any failure you keep the safety equipment and emergency kit in case of any mishappenings with your car. If your car is instilled with stability control systems, has provision for airbags and has antilock braking systems this will undeniably reduce the chances of injuries to manifolds in case of a fatal accident.
  7. Practice Defensive Driving
    There is no better person than a third-party instructor who can teach young car drivers defensive driving. Generally, practice is the best defense against driving and third party instructors are well trained to teach car control skills to the drivers in order to minimize any accidents.
  8. No Phone
    Accidents caused by cell phone distractions have been on the rise for the past many years. Texting, talking on phone or using your phone while driving has been one of the root cause of all the fatal accidents over the past many years. Ascertain that you are not using a phone while driving to avoid road accidents.
  9. Parent’s role
    Parents play a very essential role in teaching their young drivers the basic rules of safety while driving a car. They ought to ensure that their child is enforcing those rules in daily life. Also, parents should get their child registered to a driving school wherein they will be taught safe car driving tips in detail.

If a driver adheres to all the safety tips mentioned above then there are very fewer chances of you or any car driver meeting with an accident.