Every time we came across people who are trying to sell their old junk cars, we noticed a confusion to whether sell it in one piece or for parts. As all car owners want to cash out the most from their deal. They try selling it for parts.

Although you can never ensure to secure the best deal on your old car if you are selling it for parts. We will tell you the reasons later in the article but let us know first, what is the best way to sell your old car?.

From our years of experience in the car buying industry, what we discovered is that selling your car in one piece would be the better option to go for. As it would be easy and a hassle-free selling proposition for you.

Selling a car for parts requires skills, my friend. You need serious skills to know how to dismantle and identify the parts that will sell well in the market. Even if you know how to, there is no guarantee that your parts are going to sell like hotcakes.

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Here are some of the things to consider before making a choice from the methods we mentioned above:

1.Some Serious Skills Needed:

Stripping your cars for parts requires advanced skills which most people don’t possess. Due to lack of skills, while stripping your car, you could damage the important parts of the car which will only add up to your loss.

Even if you have decided to strip it down then you need a full proof planning beforehand, think of it as a project. Because your intuition is not going to work here and you may end up damaging the parts.

Also, once you strip down some parts from the car, then the overall value of your car gets depreciated. It will get really hard for you to sell that car as a whole. The best value for money would be cutting out the tiring work and walking the easy road.

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2. Do you have the time?

Dismantling your car to take out the parts for selling takes time. If you are not a skilled person then it will take you a lot of time as you are not confident with the machine yet. There’s a danger of you damaging the parts as well.

It is just like constructing a house but in reverse, here you are not building but stripping it. So, if you are not familiar with the machine then it will take a long time to get all the parts out safely. You need a lot of research done as well for that.

On top of that, you will also need advanced tools to dismantle it, which you may not have right now. Not only this, but you also have to sell them ultimately. So you can make out the time you are going to waste on it.

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3. The Unwanted Mess:

You may deny everything but you cannot deny that working on a car is a messy piece of work. You must have seen the everlasting black grime coating on the hands of the mechanic. You wouldn’t want the same for your self. Do you?.

Whichever area you will be working on your car, it is bound to have some amount of grease and dirt on it. Throughout the process, the parts of your cars are surely going to get dirty and also make you greasy. So, whatever it is be prepared for the mess.

At Njcashcars.com we have created an eco-friendly recycling system, which not only salvages the car but also doesn’t affect the environment. So, save the environment while you get quick cash for your car.

4. Place to execute your project:

Salvaging your car takes time and your project will too. You won’t be able to complete it in just one day. So, while you work on your project you need someplace or area so that you can do the job.

If you have a garage that’s great because in winters it will be tough due to heavy snow fall to complete the job you took on. If you don’t have the garage then complete your work before the snow falls as it is impossible to work on your driveway by that time.

When we saw people repairing, stripping or working on a science project with their cars, we at Njcashcars.com thought that this is not the way to go. These old cars are risky for our modern traffic. So, we thought of providing an easy solution for our community.

5. Go on a treasure hunt for buyers:

Okay, let’s assume you have it all. The required skills, tools, garage and all the other components to dismantle this little machine. Yet it will all go in vain if you can’t find good buyers for the various parts of your car.

What if your buyer is far away from your location. You got to ship them the parts and that will affect your margins. Although motor parts like the engine, transmission, air bags, seats and other simple parts may sell. But for parts like suspension components, fluid reservoirs, the chassis or wiring you don’t seem to find good demand in the market.

Finally, you got a buyer and you are about to close the deal but your buyer is not stopping his bargain. These parts had already depreciated when they were inside your car and now it has been idle for who knows how much time. Your buyer will surely bargain and try to make the most out of it because they know you want to get rid of it.

So, what do you think?. Getting instant cash for your car is easier or going through all this hassle.


However, the decision of selling it in one piece or for parts depends on your priorities. If you are willing to put in the time and energy to dismantle the car find the buyer and finally close the deal, more power to you.

But what we and most car experts will advise you is that it is a lot better to go with an Auto wrecker and sell it as a whole. It not only saves your time and money but also your car gets disposed of in a way which won’t affect the environment.

This will ensure safety on our roads because modern traffic is meant for a modern machine. So, for the safety of all the best option would be to sell your car in one piece.