Is your car struggling to supply you with warm air on those colder days? The reason behind this is clogged or failed heater core. Being an essential component of the cooling system, the heater core is a small unit of a car radiator designed with tiny grid like tubes. It is responsible for sending warm air into the cabin via the blower motor and also aids to  warm you up and also to defog the windscreen. It is usually located behind the dashboard, either on the passenger side or on the center of the dash. Here are some notable signs that every driver must know.

1. Foggy car interior

Foggy Car interior is one of the most common signs of a bad heater core. By foggy, it doesn’t mean a little moist on the car windows and windshield but a warm condensation that has all the windows covered with moisture. A notable cause of this significant amount of moisture is the blown heater core that eventually leads to a severe fog in the cabin and car interior.

2. Sweet smell as a result of leakage of car coolant

If you perceive any odd smell from the cabin then it is the leakage of the car coolant that is to be blamed. Ensure that if any such thing comes to your notice then you need to take action as soon as possible.

3. Cold passenger compartment

As much as it indicates a defective heater core, it also signifies that there might be problems with other system component issues that may be easier to fix than the heater core itself. In any situation,if you counter that there is a lack of heat,it is pretty clear that the heater core is the culprit and should be fixed. 

4. Hot engine, but cold cabin

Does your car have a cold cabin and also is the engine overheating? If yes, then it’s time you diagnose the state of the heater core. It is always recommended to pay attention to your instrument cluster before you hit the road.

The above discussed are some of the common symptoms of a clogged heater core, that you should be aware of, so that if you incur any problem,then you must get an idea that it is the heater that is at fault. Also, many of you must be wondering, ‘Does heater core affect AC since it can cause overheating?’ The answer to this is No, the heater core cannot prevent the ac from blowing cold air.