The American car market has seen a significant rise in people buying automatic cars recently. An automatic transmission car not only makes the congestion go away but also reduces fatigue and makes your daily drive a breeze. But there are a few things that one must keep in mind while driving an automatic car, take a look below.

1. Shifting from “D” to “R” without stopping

Refrain from doing such a thing. You might find the process to be time-consuming but never commit this blunder of shifting from “D” to “R” without taking a stop as this lethargy can take a toll on your pockets. When you don’t stop your car before shifting to R, the car’s transmission is forced to change direction rapidly which can lead to damage to the gearbox. 

2. Shifting to Neutral at a red light

Let’s put an end to the myth once and for all as this is a common misconception that putting the car in neutral when at a red light saves fuel and reduces the wear on the torque converter. But the truth is actually something else. When you shift to neutral at the stop signal you really are delaying the wear on the torque converter and by doing so you are causing more damage to it when you switch from neutral to drive. 

3. “Launching” your vehicle

One should absolutely refrain from ‘launching’ their car as this will destroy your automatic transmission. Doing this gives a sudden shock to transmission as it abruptly shifts from neutral to drive at high RPM.

4. Cruising in Neutral

Yet another mistake that drivers make is” Cruising in Neutral”. Coasting your car in neutral won’t yield any significant fuel savings. 

5. Shifting to “Park” without stopping

Shifting to “P” without stopping meshes the locking pawl to the still-moving gear. In doing this you can break or shear the pawl. Therefore, always make a habit of stopping to a complete halt, before putting the car into “Park”. 

We assume that the above discussed will be of great help to you in driving your automatic transmission. Make sure that you quit these habits in order to have a safe and good driving experience.