The monsoon is right around the corner and as we prepare ourselves for the rainy season, let us not forget to maintain our cars too. To get your car through this monsoon season, it is very crucial you keep a check on the below mentioned things before the monsoon sets in.

Tips to get car through Monsoon

  • Wiring and battery
    Well! It is quite an evident fact that water and electricity do not go together. Just make sure that all the electrics are doing well and are functioning properly. Beware of the improper wiring or the ones with the insulation peeling off as they have high chances of shorting, especially on coming in contact with water, and can be hazardous.
    Also, it is advisable to get your car’s battery checked, if need be get it replaced too as monsoons require a high use of battery for eg. wipers, lights, etc.
  • Tyres
    Having tyres with a great amount of tread is very helpful in the monsoon season. As with vehicular fluids leaked on the roads or any other oils or something, it leads to the withering of tyres. If you’ve tyres with good tread, it will help you in channeling the mix away from the contact surfaces and thereby improving grip.
  • Functioning of lights
    Heavy rainfall often leads to hampered visibility which is why it is required to watch out for proper functioning of headlights, taillights, and indicators. If the headlamps or tail lamps have got all fogged up, it is a great practice to get them cleaned at regular intervals.
  • Brakes
    It is essential to have your car’s braking system properly checked by a professional and get replaced the worn-out components as soon as possible. A well-maintained set of brakes is a savior amid monsoon season, particularly as braking distances are longer on wet roads.
  • Wipers
    This is one of the first and foremost things that comes to our mind when we think of the rainy season. Ensure that the wiper blades are functioning properly. Keep the wiper-washer fluids topped up with windshield water fluid, as sticky debris can be tough to remove from the windshield and might also damage it. Fill up the washer reservoir at regular intervals.
  • Car’s paint
    Also, ensure to keep the underside of your car clear of the dust and dirt as this if not cleaned properly leads to corrosion. A coat of polish after a wash is highly recommendable, as it makes your car look shinier and also acts as a protective layer on the body.
  • Pre-monsoon service
    Sending your car in for a pre-monsoon service enables you in identifying and rectifying a lot of the above-mentioned points. Also, you can opt for professional cleaning and polishing packages as part of the service as well, to better protect your car.

Make sure to follow the above-mentioned points and prepare your car for the upcoming monsoon season.