Everyone likes to get great deals while selling his car but few people can manage it. Getting the price you have demand, is sometimes difficult without management. There is a lot of things to know before selling your car at an appropriate price. You must know that to sell your car is a totally different experience. Today, there are different types of traditional and non-traditional methods to sell any car. So if you are planning to sell your car in New Jersey we at NJCashCars are at your service.However, it is somewhat now not difficult to sell your car in New Jersey on your own because we at NJCashCars will guide you the best throughout the whole process.

So, here are 5 simple steps that will help you turn your used car into cash. Everything from pricing to advertising and negotiating is covered in this short, easy-to-follow process.

Get your Car Looking its Best:

Either take the time to clean the inside and out to keep it clean throughout the time you’re trying to sell it. And if you don’t have the time or inclination to do the dirty work yourself, engage a mobile car detailer to give your car a thorough clean on the inside and out. Like selling a house, the presentation is everything and will help you get a little extra money for your car.

Get your paperwork in order:

Make sure you’ve got your owners manual, log book and service records, ready for a buyer to inspect and also have your car recently serviced and that any minor faults have been fixed before you list your car for sale.

Figure out the price:

Compare your car honestly with others like it for sale near you.  Look up the private party value online and don’t get confused with the retail price values you’d expect from a dealer.  Set a price that will make your car stand out from the others, and even still, be open to the idea about your car. Hence, we at NJCashCars will give you the best price for your used car.

Protect Yourself:

  • Remove your car’s license plate. If it’s being transferred to another vehicle, that’s fine – you can go ahead and put it on another car that you own – otherwise, you’ll have to surrender it to an office of the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).
  • Sign the back of the car’s title and list the odometer reading. Get together the other documentation if applicable – like the paperwork corresponding to any liens or if the vehicle is exempt from sales tax.
  • If you’ve lost or destroyed your car’s registration, visit your local MVC office with a photo ID (preferably your driver’s license), Be prepared to pay the $5 fee. Fill out and submit an application for a duplicate via Form BA-49.

Done Deal:

When you receive the cash for cars, it’s time to do the paperwork, such as signing over the title, submitting the Release of Liability to MVC and also get the bill while selling your car for cash.

Sell your car quickly and easily at NJCashCars. You’ll transfer the title to us at the time of the sale. Our team has been in the used car business for decades and will help walk you through the process and paperwork. They can explain the bill of sale, which will serve as your proof of the transaction. Most importantly, we will make sure you leave with the most money possible in your pocket.