With winters on board, its time we take care proper care of ourselves and get ready with our winter car care kit. Besides prepping up your winter car care kit it is recommended to store some essential supplies and kit in your back seat instead of trunk in case you can’t reach out to car’s trunk. Below discussed is the list of items that should be a part of your winter car care kit. 

Winter car care kit

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is a must have in your car care kit irrespective of the season.

Sleeping Gear

In the event you are stuck in snow or your car stopped on the road somewhere overnight then you shall require a sleeping gear.

Small Pillow (In case you wish to sleep in the car)

Take a small pillow in case you plan to sleep in the car overnight. Next you can also keep a  wool blanket (made with 100% wool).

Warm Sleeping Bag 

A below zero sleeping bag

A couple tiny emergency blankets 

These can be helpful even just as a moisture barrier or cover. Also, it can be used to cover the windows to reflect the cold out and warm in.

Clothing Essentials for your Winter Car Kit


You will be needing especially if you are stuck in the snow. Stash an extra one or two in your car’s trunk. 


Keep a full change of layers working clothes including underwear as you might get wet and would require a new set of dry clothes.


A pair of insulated gloves in your size coupled with large winter gloves or mittens that can go over your existing gloves for extra warmth.

Wool Socks

large sized (they should not be too tight) – wool socks will stay warm even if they get wet. If you really want to stay warm a good first layer is polypropylene socks. The large wool socks can be used as mittens also.


A good wool scarf will help you keep warm and you will be glad o have it with you. 


Have an extra pair in your car or truck so you could give a pair to a passenger..

Food –

It is advisable to stock up on some durable snacks such as granola bars, dried fruits, hard candy etc. Don’t forget to keep water with you. 

Winter Emergency Car Kit Tools

  • Car shovel
  • Sharp Rescue Knife
  • Flashlights
  • Change the batteries out when the time changes each fall and spring.
  • Rechargeable batteries and an 18650 charger.
  • Ice Scraper/snowbrush
  • Jumper Cables
  • A Leatherman Wave+ multi-tool for quick repair
  • Car Fire extinguisher
  • Quick flat recovery 
  • Regular Road Flares or Electronic Road Flares
  • Brightly colored Reflective Vest 


Store kitty litter, ashes or even better sand and put some under your tires for traction when stuck. 

Tire chains – You need to have these if you don’t have snow tires and you will have to research the right chain type for your vehicle.

This winter stay safe and don’t forget to pack all the winter car essentials in your winter car care kit for a smooth and hassle free ride experience. Do let us know in the comments if we missed any essential items that you believe should be a part of your winter car care kit.