While we cannot have any control over the fuel prices, we can definitely do our bit by saving money at the pump. Though the fuel prices tend to fluctuate with the economy there are many things that can be done to help you save more at the pump. Also, besides taking out the car less, what steps can be taken to cut short on the usage of gas? Below are a few tips that you must follow for getting the most out of your next fill-up. 

Clean out your car

Always remember the heavier the vehicle, the worse is its fuel efficiency. Even though you are driving a smart car, keeping it loaded with unnecessary clutter can lead to the wastage of unnecessary dollars at the gas pump. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly clean out the trunk and add extra weight to the car’s trunk on a temporary basis only. Never let your car become a permanent storage space.    

Keep your cool behind the vehicle

Don’t drive like a jerk and burn the car’s fuel as fast as possible. Speeding too fast and then hitting the brakes can have a negative effect on the car’s mileage. As per experts, you should stick to 50 miles/hr tops and you shall see a declination in your gas bill. This shall help increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and cost and also lower your environmental impact.   

You Might Have to Drive a Little Further to Save a Lot

In pursuit of saving a lot on your fuel, you might even have to travel the extra mile to get your tank filled up. Also, make sure that you are filling up early in the morning or later in the day because mid-day normally has the warmest temperatures and that tends to make the gas less dense, thereby filling your tank with less amount of gas.  

Don’t fall for rumors

Ensure that you do not fall for any sort of rumors such as an expensive premium gas can help you clean out your engine. There is no such thing as this that exists.

Check your tire pressure

Ensure that you keep your tires properly inflated as this can help you improve your gas mileage by up to 3.3% in some estimates. You can also check your driver-side door jamb for the proper levels of inflation for your vehicle, and do not forget to check the tire pressure every few weeks to keep the tire pressure levels consistent. 


Follow the tips discussed above if you want to save money whenever you take a trip to the pump.