Intending to sell off your car on your own? Don’t panic we’ve got you covered. Follow some simple yet effective below-mentioned tips to crack a great deal out of your old car. One of the best ways to get a humongous amount of cash for your old car is to sell it directly to cash for cars dealers rather than trading it off. Now that you are motivated to embark on the sales process of your car, our extensive guide on some tips to sell an old car will aid you in getting a cutting edge in the whole process and fetch you quick cash for your car.

  • Get Mechanical Issues fixed

Ensure that you make all the mechanical fixes beforehand because no car buyers want to buy a car that has flaws in it. Your car should be maintained and serviced properly from time to time. You need to work on only small issues like denting and painting, minor wear and tear and issues won’t cost you a lot on your pocket. Also, if there are some issues in your car and you are not planning to get them repaired, make sure you educate the buyer on the magnitude of issue and the approximate amount that it will cost to get it fixed.

  • Get your car inspected thoroughly

Before planning to sell off your car, make sure you get a thorough checkup of your car done from a trusted mechanic. Get a complete check done of your car’s tyres, lights, brakes etc. Ascertain that you keep the car clean from the exterior as well as the interior.

  • Get a vehicle history report

For the easy and smooth sale process of the car, keep ready all the essential documents related to vehicles’s history.

  • Detail your car

Get a full detailing or cleaning of your car from the engine bay, cupholders, carpet steam clean, stain removal, tire shine, and air freshening. Also, get removed all the stickers residue and stickers from the car, if any. To ensure that your car feels fresh, you can get fixed an ozone machine that will take out the odour of smoke, pets or any other unwanted odour in the car. You should also opt for seat conditioning if your car seats seam to be worn and torn.

  • Keep paperwork ready

Before embarking on the process of selling your car, keep all the documents related to your car ready at one place. Documents like car’s registration,car’s title, car service receipts, and any maintenance in the past of the car.

  • Meet potential buyers

Now that you’ve come across a few potential buyers, make sure you acquaint them well enough about your car. Lay stress on the X-factor of your car, if any. Misleading characterizations often tend to kill the deal. So, ensure that you are not hiding any information related to any repairs or accidents in the past. Your description of your car should be brief but inclusive of all the important information.

  • Fix the price competitively

Now, that you’ve met a few potential buyers and are ready to sell off your car to one of them, remember that a well-maintained car is going to fetch you a good amount. So, if your car happens to be well kept and some more good features then price competitively and crack a good deal out of it.

  • Payment options

Chose a payment option, with which you seem to be comfortable. It can be either cash, cheque or a bank transfer.

Selling a car privately certainly saves a lot on your pocket, as there is no trader in between. So, ensure that you follow the above-mentioned tips before planning to sell off your old car, and get instant cash for your cars.