There can be many reasons why you want to sell off your old car some of which are maybe you are in need of quick cash or maybe you want to buy a new car. Considering all these scenarios we bring to you an extensive guide on what is the quickest & safest way to sell your car in New Jersey. There can be many means of selling your clunker car for quick cash like:

  • Selling it to Dealership

A dealership will buy your vehicle only if your car is in working condition. Dealerships do not accept cars that are wrecked or are not operational. Also, you tend to lose a big chunk of money while selling off your car to a dealer. At times car dealers might not even accept your car because the model you have is too common in the market. So, don’t expect top dollar cash and negotiation on the resale value of your car while selling your car to a cash for cars company owner.

Intending of getting quick cash from your old car? Selling off your car for cash will drive you huge profits plus top dollar cash as compared to any other means of selling off your car. By this way, you do not have to spend any money on brokerage or to car dealers. Also, cash for car services buy cars of all makes, models and years. This is the easiest and convenient method to sell off your car hassle-free.

  • Selling it privately to a friend

Another option is that you can sell it off directly to your near and dear, as they might already be having an eye on your car or maybe interested in taking over your car. In this case, you do not have to worry much about getting your car fixed for small wear and tears as your friends or family might be quite familiar with your vehicle. But there are some negatives of selling your car to a friend as you might get indulged into a fight because of the shady payment arrangements and so on.

  • Selling it yourself at a Discounted Price 

This is yet another option wherein you can sell off your car at a discounted price from the present market price of that vehicle on your own. Advertise your car online and list it as per the rules and instructions of the website. Selling off your car this way is quite a cumbersome task as firstly you have to get your car cleaned, click photographs, form a catchy ad description and then after that meet potential car buyers to finalise the deal. Negotiation might also be involved in such scenarios.

Selling cars to a cash for cars company owner is preferable than any other method as in this case you save a lot of money that was to be given to the car dealers. Make sure you choose an apt method to sell off your car from the one ones mentioned above and get quick & safe cash for your car instantly.