It is a well-known fact that car problems are not easy to detect and yes can be very tricky at times, especially for the drivers who do not have much experience. To make it easy for you, let’s familiarize you with different causes of potential car problems. But the most common one is “ Car Leaning towards the right”. Take a look at the top 9 reasons why such a situation occurs with your car. 

9 Reasons Why your car pulls to the right while driving

1. Issues with tire manufacturing

One of the most common reasons for your car pulling to the right is how the tire was manufactured. This would be a big problem, especially if you decided to go with third-party tires to reduce replacement costs. In such a situation the tire tends to get deflected in a certain way that causes your car to pull to the right more than the other side. 

2. Issues with tire pressure

Make sure that appropriate levels of tire pressure are maintained at all times in order to avoid any issues. 

3. Replacing only one tire

It is always recommended to replace all four tires and not just one in order to avoid any issues with your car pulling to the right. 

4. Troubles with the tire tread depth

Apart from tire pressure issues, the tire tread depth is another important component that could have your truck pulled to one side more than the other. As mentioned before, your vehicle’s overall height will depend on the tire tread depth.

5. Implications of wrong tire rotation

Read your owner’s manual and make sure you are doing the tire rotation at specific time intervals as sometimes rotating tires at irregular time intervals might pull your car to the right. 

6. Problems with the suspension system

The next major reason for your car to be pulling towards one side could be problems with the suspension system. 

7. Troubles in the braking system

Like the suspension system, if there are problems with your braking system, it can easily lead to your car pulling toward the right. For instance, if your driving habits involve hitting the brakes hard, it can impact the way your truck reacts, and you might notice that it will pull towards one side more than the other.

8. Issues with a torque steer

When you notice that you’re dealing with torque steer, the problem could be related to how your front-wheel-drive system was designed, which means it requires advanced and complicated repairs in some instances unless your manufacturer releases a certain recall to take care of this problem. 

9. Issues with that memory steer

Just like torque steer, you might also encounter memory steer. This happens when your car pulls to the right and then suddenly pulls to the left. 


Make sure that you take proper care of your car alignment issues and prevent it from going in one direction by keeping the above-discussed reasons in your mind at all times.